Are you ready to start and enjoy retirement life? A written informative note to employer is important in order to notify about your retirement and writing a retirement letter is best and professional manner to do so. Sample of the letter is available here to help you while writing a letter to announce retirement. A good and well written letter of retirement plays a vital role in accomplishing job phase with best as well as to into the retirement with right foot. Such letters can be written for different reasons of retirement and the reason must be explained well in the letter that you are going to write.

Elements of sample retirement letter

Writing a retirement letter to your employer or company is the professional way to close your job carrier as well as to start successful span of retirement.  As a person retired to be, you must spend enough time needed to write a professional looking letter that sufficiently indicates your positive growth and progress in the mentioned company or business establishment. This letter must have a personal statement about your positive relationship with employer as well as to express your thankfulness to employer for such a good and progressive environment during the employment.

Main parts of the letter may include your name, employee code, designation, contact information, personal intention to retire from the mentioned position and the effective date of retirement from which you will stop working etc. Writing this type of letter could little bit difficult for you as you are going to leave the favorite workplace and supportive co-workers but you must word it accordingly in order to show your professionalism. Sample retirement letter is also known as a good and handful tool to write a retirement letter instead of writing one from scratch. It provides you enough amount of instructions and guidance to make the letter perfect.

Samples Of Retirement Letter

Retirement Letter Sample

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Sample Retirement Letter