Are you looking something handful to write a formal invitation letter? You have reached at a best place to get a free invitation letter template which is very easy to edit and customize. Sending invitation is an important part of event planning to invite friends, family members and other special person on a special occasion or event. An invitation can be described as a verbal or written request inviting someone to a particular event, party or any other celebration. Designing and sending invitations is an integral element of planning an event. When you invite your friends or office colleagues on a tea party or dinner, a text message, short phone call an e-mail is enough and acceptable but when it comes to invite people on a wedding or any other party you should design formal invitations to request them for presence at an event organized by you. Invitation letters are document used by business setting and corporate societies to invite people on business events as well as on other occasions. An invitation letter is considered as an important part of good planning for a successful function so that the number of attendees to the function will be estimated for other planning aspects like selection of venue, decoration, sitting plan and meal menu etc.

About Free Sample Invitation Letters:

An invitation letter is a document that gives invited persons enough amount of information and details about a particular event or party vital to their planning for the event. A well written invitation with complete details portrays the theme of party or event in front of invitees so they can make appropriate planning to have fun and joy at the event. An invitation letter is just like a personal communication that can make special people know that you are expecting them for the party or event. Information mentioned in an invitation letter may include name of the host of party or event, time, date, venue and dress code if any etc. invitation letter can be prepared for a wide range of parties, events and celebrations. These can be prepared to announce a birthday party, wedding event, engagement party, graduation party, social event, business meeting, business event or reunion party etc.

It is obvious in previous lines that invitation letter is a document that serves the purpose of inviting guests to an event. Majority of companies and other business organizations also use invitation letters to invite them on parties and events organized by company or business to entertain them on special occasions. Invitation letters can be either printed or handwritten but it is suggested by experts to type them on computer using any word processing program to make a good and professional impression on recipients. Luckily Microsoft word program is powerful software that one can use to write error free invitation letters. Variety of different invitation letter templates is also available on web that can be downloaded free of cost for this purpose. Following is a perfectly designed invitation letter template containing exact instruction what you really need to write effective invitation letter.

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Sample Invitation Letter

Sample Invitation Letters