Authorization letter is one of the most important business letters and can easily be prepared with authorization letter template to prevent errors and mistakes. We can define an authorization letter as a legal document that gives the holder of the letter the authority to act on your behalf. It may give permission to the mentioned person to either grant permission for something or to collect something like payments from someplace. Authorization letter may be prepared especially in situations when original person may be unavailable or unable to act. As a busy businessman you may also need some assistance from other person to accomplish your various jobs to lessen the burden of work on you. Writing an authorization letter for such situation can be a best option to transfer liabilities to another person to act on your behalf. For example, in most business organizations and companies owners ask their accountants and other executive persons to collect payments as well as to deposit the money in bank and it is only possible with an authorization letter provided to the bank or other organizations to tell the mentioned person has legal authority to collect payments and to perform other relevant jobs. You will like this authorization letter sample..

An authorization letter may include name of the authorized person, his or her authority & ability to perform jobs like enter into a legally binding contract, take a specific action on behalf of original person, spend a specified sum of money on business operations or to hand over his or her duties and powers to another person. An authorization letter is generally prepared and issued when an individual person in command is not available for the necessary approvals and actions so he or she authorizes another dependable person via authorization letter in his place to carry out jobs and various transactions. Not only in business and professional fields but one can write authorization letter to shift his or her personal responsibilities and works to another person. Most important thing to remember that authorization letters are mainly used for legal reasons, so it is always advisable to consult a lawyer to write an authorization letter either for business or personal use.

Authorization letters are usually prepared for authorizing somebody to carry out someone’s legal, business, medical and many other transactions on behalf of an original person. It is a best and professional way to get legal or general assistance of someone when you are fully loaded with lots of important tasks and assignments or unable to reach at the place of transaction or deal. In majority of business organizations and companies, it is common to grant the particular authority to another person by means of an authorization letter. Authorization letters are considered vital business documents and need to be worded carefully in a professional format. If there is need to write a perfect authorization letter for business or personal use, it is smart to use an appropriate authorization letter template. Here we have a perfectly designed authorization letter template free of cost for your reference.

authorization letter sample

Sample Authorization Letter