Proof of employment certificate letter can come in handy for you when it comes to prove recent employment history while applying for an executive position in the same industry or business setting. You can find proof of employment certificate letter formats here at the bottom of page to write clean and tidy employment certificate letter. Letter of employment or employment of proof is an important document that shows employment relationship between employee and employer and usually issued by the company or business to employee upon resignation or termination of employment contract. Certificate of employment templates can help a user a lot to write an employment letter or to design employment certificate with no trouble. Check payslip templates too if you want.

Due to hard competition in business field, every business or company wants to hire more professional employees and workers to carry out business operations efficiently and often ask job candidates to come with employment proof letter when professional experience is required for the advertised job or position. They use employment letter or proof of employment certificate to analyze work performance and behavior at previous company or business. Most of business organizations and companies issue proof of employment certificate letter when an employee wants to leave the current position or job. An employee can also get a proof of employment or employment verification letter from the company by writing a formal request as per policies of the company.

Employment certificate can be used for several purposes. For example, a landlord may require the tenant to bring written proof of employment before entering into the rental agreement. On another hand, banks and other financial institutions also need verification of employment letter to confirm basic details about the employee such as name of the employer or company, salary and address etc in order to issue personal or housing loan etc. Certification of employment letter should reveal the employee’s definite work performance and behavior at workplace or in the company because it can help him or her to secure a favorite job or position.

As an employer you may need to write proof of employment certificate letters for your employees in order to confirm your employment relationships with them. Use of a suitable employment letter format can be handful for you to eliminate errors and mistakes when writing letter of employment on personal computer. Sample of certificate of employment can also be downloaded here to design and print professional looking certificate of employment for your current or ex employees without facing difficulty.

Examples of Proof of Employment Letters:

Sample of Proof of Employment Letter

Proof of employment Certificate Letter