Personal reference letter template is added here for free and anyone can get benefits from it. We have added this template here to help people like you in writing personal reference letters. The template is produced with great editing features which mean a user can easily customize different parts of the template as per individual needs. This letter is an official document that documents mentioned person’s positive personal attributes rather than professional skills and expertise.  A well written letter is something really valuable for a job seeker because it helps a lot to secure a job or vacant position where personal reference is required by the company or employer.

Importance of personal reference letter

This letter is also known as personal recommendation letter and character reference letter. Writer of the letter could be a colleague, friend, neighbor or relative because purpose of the letter is to provide a reference to the employer or company in which you want to work. This letter is one of the important business letters and should be treated as a formal letter. A professional format or layout must be followed to give the letter a professional appearance.

There are lots of employer ask job seekers to come with a personal reference letter in order to secure the vacant position or job. Writer of the letter explains in his or her letter that how the mentioned person in his or her personal character. These letters are not important for getting jobs but a person may need one to get loan approved or to purchase a new home or property etc. If you have insufficient knowledge about writing personal reference letter, it is advisable for you to get help from personal reference letter template in this regard.

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