A free leave approval letter template is added here for you that can be downloaded easily in storage of computer or laptop. After doing this, one can simply modify the elements of this letter template to compose professional looking leave approval letter for employees or workers. Core purpose of writing the letter is to granting leave or vacations for an employee or worker. These are usually written in response of leave or vacation request sent by employees or workers of the company. Writing the letter will be easier for you if you have an appropriate letter template at place.

Guide to write leave approval letter

Employees often need time off from workplace or company for variety of different reasons and as per rules and regulations of companies they may need to write a leave or time off request to the concerned department. Once leave, vacation or time off request sent to the concerned department or manager, they will send this letter in return to officially approve the leave or vacation request. This letter basically states the approval of leave requested by an employee or worker and may include information like name of the employee, employee code, designation, reference of leave request and number of leaves etc.

Leave approval letters are usually written by HR department or any other active part of the business management to let employees and workers that they are granted with request leave or vacation. Writing the letter from scratch can eat lots of your minutes but you can save them by using a letter template. Under the content you will see the preview of leave approval letter template that can be downloaded free of any charge. You can save the template in computer to write error free leave approval letters for your employees.

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