Not hearing back from the company or employer in response of a job application or interview can be much irritating during the process of job searching but carefully worded follow up letter is the professional way to remind the concerned person or department about your job application or recent interview for the job. It is said by experts that you should write the letter to get noticed as well as to remind the employer or company about job application submitted in a previous date. After sending a job application, resume or after a job interview, sending the letter is another best option to impress the potential employer as well as to show the interest in vacant job or position.

Follow up letter writing guide

Not only in job searching but follow up letters can also be written for many other reasons. For example, after making a formal request for contract or agreement renewal, one can write this letter for renewal of contract to get the contract renewed on immediate basis. Sales call follow up letter is also the best way to reconnect with the potential customer to seal the sales deal. In simple, such letters are written to remind the concerned person about something that had been sent or discussed before.

Wording and tone of these letters can vary from each other based on the reason for which you are writing the letter. For example, you cannot mix the wording of a job interview follow up letter with a letter after making a sales call. You should choose and follow a right format to draft the letter as it should be. Sample templates and samples exist on web that anyone can use for free to write follow up letter with best.

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