Employer reference letter template is added here to help you while writing an employer reference letter for your ex employee or worker. It is ready to use and you just need to add basic details in the template such as your name, name of the employee or person for which you are writing, date and brief description about employee’s skills and expertise etc. Reference letter is professional part of writing in which the writer assesses mentioned person’s skills and capabilities in a positive way to recommend him or her for a vacant position. Reference letters are also written for many other reasons such as for getting an admission and for lease or rental etc. Whereas, this letter is usually written by an employer for ex employee or worker.

Parts and purpose of employer reference letter

A well written letter could be a helping hand for you if you are searching for a new job or position. The letter may include recommendation statement from an employer for a former employee to help him or her in getting a new job or position in another company or business organization. Mostly such letters are written in response of a formal request made by a formal employee.

As a job seeker if you are required by the potential employer to bring an employer reference letter with job application, then you should make a formal request to your former employer or company to issue you employer reference letter. Professionals always recommend use of employer reference letter template or format because it can help you to understand what should be included in a letter and how to format the letter accordingly. This web page is also loaded with letter samples that you can use to get an idea for perfect employer reference letter writing.

Employer Reference Letter Samples Are Here

Sample of Proof of Employment Letter

Employer Reference Letter