Is it time to write a complaint letter to get your issues with company, business or any other person resolved? You will definitely need a complaint letter template to compose an error free complaint letter immediately. Transactions made with customers and other individuals often don’t go as planned and one of the involved parties may face problems in this regard. For example when you buy an electronic appliance from retailer and failed to get desired results, you will go ahead to make a complaint regarding poor performance of the appliance in shape of complaint letter. A complaint letter can be known as a document that enables you to notify an individual person, company or business that you are dissatisfied with a product you purchase or a service you receive. In business field where selling and providing services plays an important role to fulfill needs of customers, there will also be scope for complaints raised by end of customers due to so many reasons. Writing a compliant letter is an effective and professional way to get your problems regarding goods, services or anything else resolved rapidly in a best and organized manner.

About Complaint Letter Samples:

Major and basic purpose of writing a complaint letter is to inform a person, company or organization that a problem exists as well as to explain the party what kind of action or actions you expect them to take in order to settle the problem or issue. Complaints arises by the customers and other entities not only because of the poor quality of goods and service but also when there is wrong placement of an order, errors in billing or payments and abnormal delay in fulfilling an order etc. Different kinds of complaint letters can be used to deal with various problems and complaints. Apart from the nature of issue or complaint you want to highlight, it is typically possible to resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial way via writing an effective complaint letter. An effective and well written complaint letter formalizes a problem situation by putting it into writing and is usually considered as a best practice to make complaint about a problematic situation.

As it is cleared that writing a complaint letter is suggested way to notify someone about a complaint but it can be tricky to write one if you are writing it for first time. Most important thing to remember when writing a complaint letter is to be direct and tasteful in tone. Describe briefly your problem and the outcome you want in return and provide enough details in this regard. Don’t forget to include key dates just like when you purchased the goods or services and when the problem occurred etc. Don’t be angry in your complaint letter and be polite. If above mentioned amount of information and instruction is insufficient to write a perfect complaint letter, then following is an elegant complaint letter template that can be used to do so. It is easily editable in Microsoft word program to adjust as per your needs and requirements.

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Complaint Letter Samples