Everyone can use this appointment letter format to compose spotless appointment letter without getting help from any other person or tool. A piece of professional writing prepared and sent by a company or human resource department of the company requesting the selected successful candidates to join the company for specific position by accepting all terms and conditions mentioned in the job offer letter is generally names as appointment letter. An appointment letter is usually sent to the potential employee after getting signed job offer letter from his or her end. A well written appointment letter ​officially tells a job applicant that he or she have got a ​job with mentioned business establishment or company to get mentioned pay and other benefits. It is also known as a legally binding document confirming that an organization has offered a job or position to an employee and they have accepted the terms and agreement in exchange for a salary offered by company. Contents of an appointment letter may include information and details about the employment such as a start date, title of the job, duties and responsibilities under the job title, reporting concerns and the salary being offered along with other benefits such as insurance and vacation days etc.

Advantages of appointment letter format:

After ending of the particular recruiting process employers or companies send appointment letter to those candidates who have successfully accomplished the recruitment process as per policies and laws of the company and finally selected for the vacant jobs or positions. Most of people mix the appointment letter with offer letter but these both are completely different from each other. In a job offer letter a company or business offer a particular job to successful candidate providing details about the job such as job title, duties, working hours, basic salary offered, over time payments, insurance plan, medical allowance and other benefits offered by the company etc. An employee has to read and sign the offer letter in order to get an appointment letter from the company in which company state that the employee is hired by the company successfully and he or she will work for the company from mentioned date.If you have been asked by the company to write an appointment letter for a potential employee, you are advised to get assistance from this appointment letter format give below the content. This appointment letter format is suitable for all businesses & companies and also obtainable free of cost from here.

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