Below is an editable letter template that you can easily customize to write an acknowledgment letter easily. As we are always here to help you in writing various important business documents and this letter template is a part of our efforts to assist you when writing acknowledgment letters either for business or personal use. Major purpose of acknowledgement letter is to provide evidence that you have received specific document, product or any other thing sent by another person or party. Acknowledgment letter is usually considered as a vital part of business writing that you write to recognize someone’s efforts towards your particular objective or purpose.

Acknowledgment letters can be written for variety of reasons and writer of the letter could be a company, business organization, professional person or business entity etc. Letter of acknowledgment and acknowledgment letter are two different names of a same piece of writing which is often used for anything involved in a legal procedure. For example, when you ask a job applicant to send you required documents and information and he or she sends, you can inform him or her about receiving of documents or information via well written acknowledgment letter.

If you are working as an active part of the business management then you should write and send acknowledgment letters when your company receives business documents or other confidential reports etc. Not only in business but you can write the letter for personal reasons when something has been received by you. The letter should be written with simple words and only relevant information should be included in the letter. You can get help from acknowledgment letter template to write spick and span acknowledgment letters wither for personal or business use. Don’t forget to download the acknowledgment letter template free of cost.

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