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Raise Request Letter

As an employee of the company or business organization, you have to write the pay raise request in such a professional and recommended way that your employer or company will consider it seriously that is the reason we recommend you to get help from this raise request letter template to word pay or salary raise request letter in a best way to get your request accepted. It is suitable for all types of employees and they can get benefit from it because it is downloadable for free. It is equipped with a proper format that portrays the employee’s accomplishments and contributions to the concerned department or employer so they can take a right decision in this regard.

Writing guide for raise request letter

Pay raise request is the right of any employee or worker of the company but it must be prepared and submitted as per rules and policies regulated by the company or business management. As a hard work employee if you are receiving less than what your position is worth, then you should write pay raise letter to tell your employer that you are doing more and receiving less in results but you have to give good reason for the pay raise otherwise your request will be rejected.

Sending pay raise request letter in good time really matters because an employer or company will not raise your pay when that is suffering from loss so you have to choose right time to make a formal request of pay raise. Writing the letter is not a difficult job but all essential details must be added in the letter. The body of letter should clearly express why you are worthy of the raise and you must follow a proper format to write spotless raise request letter in short span of time.

Raise Request Letter Samples Are Here

Sample Pay Raise Request Letter

Raise Request Letter To Employer


Promotion Announcement

Promotion is one of the special moments in someone’s life and it should be announced in professional manner via promotion announcement letter that can be written fluently with help of the letter template shown below here. It is suitable for all types of business organizations and companies to compose promotion announcement letters or emails for employees. Once job promotion offered by the company and accepted by the employee as well, then company officially announces job promotion for an employee or worker by writing promotion announcement letter or email.  Getting promoted by the employer or company is dream of each and every employee and announcement of promotion letter can bring surprised happiness for them.

Elements of promotion announcement

This letter must include basic details and information such as name of the employee, former designation, promoted designation, details of jobs and responsibilities under the promoted job title and effective date of promotion etc. Purpose of the letter is not only to inform the employee that he or she is being promoted within the company but it is also to let other concerned business entities and co-workers that how they will work with him or her in the future times without facing troubles.

Internet is full with large number of examples and samples that can be used to write an ingenious promotion announcement. This letter should be similar to a company memo and may be printed on company letterhead to maintain professionalism. Whether as an employer or responsible person to write such letter, you need to follow the correct etiquette for the letter and below listed letter template can also help you a lot in this regard. Simply own the promotion announcement letter template by clicking on download link and make essential changes in it easily as required.

Here Are Samples Of Promotion Announcement


Project Manager Cover Letter

A carefully written project manager cover letter could be the best companion in job search so word it appropriately via project manager cover letter template that you can find here at the bottom of page. Resume sending is known as the primary step in job search and chances of getting the job will be more if your resume has a detailed cover letter. It makes resume more professional and attention grabbing. We all known that resume is the major marketing tool to sell skills and expertise and enclosure of this document is an excellent way to let employers know that you are an exceptional match for the vacant position.

Writing tips for project manager cover letter

This letter is usually written for a project manager resume in order to provide additional details and info about a project manager and expertise that he or she has to carry out the job of project manager. Sending a resume with this additional document is always a good practice and maximizes the chances of getting interview call for your favorite job or position. It lets you to indicate your academic achievements and successes as a project manager, focus on the skills and expertise that make you suitable one for the job as well as to convince the potential employer of your suitability for the vacant job.

Writing this document might be difficult task for you if you are going to do so very first time but don’t worry much about the matter because internet has large number of project manage cover letter templates and samples that can be used to write excellent and attention grabbing letter shortly. Once the project manager cover letter template is downloaded, you will only need to add your own stuff in it to get a ready to send letter.

Below Are Project Manager Cover Letter Samples

Cover Letter Sample For Project Manager


Example Of Project Manager Cover Letter

Project Manager Cover Letter


Professional Reference Letter

Need to write a professional reference letter without having basic guidance and writing skills? It could be hard thing for you to do but don’t worry much about the matter because an editable template is available here to assist you in this regard. With help of the letter template you can write a letter of professional reference instantly only in few minutes. This letter is the part of professional writing that explains a job seekers professional expertise and skills in front of the potential employer or company when he or she apply for the vacant position or job.

Purpose of professional reference letter

A carefully written letter mean a lot for a person who want to secure favorite position in the business establishment or company and if you are requested by someone to write such letter, then it is advisable for you to word the letter properly in professional manner along with necessary info and details because it can help the job seeker a lot to stand out from the pool of job seekers. One can write this letter for an employee, worker, relative, friend or co-worker to recommend the mentioned person for vacant job.

Purpose of the letter is to officially state and support professional skills and expertise of someone that may require to apply for an advertised job or position. Most of business organizations ask job seekers to come with professional reference letter. This letter is completely different from personal reference letter because the writer states only professional skills and abilities of the person in professional reference letter. You are more than welcome to download and use professional reference letter template if you feel that you are unable to write the letter without having proper format or layout.

Here Are Samples Of Professional Reference Letter

Sample Of Professional Reference Letter

 Reference Letter Format


Payment Reminder

Dealing with credit payments or loan recovery and want to get payments in timely manners? Make use of the payment reminder letter template and write polite reminder to customers and clients in order to remind them about payments pending or due. This letter is an official way to let your customers and clients know that payment deadlines are about to cross. Almost all businesses and companies have customers who have outstanding accounts or unpaid bills and getting payments from them can be a hard task but writing and sending such letters can help you a lot in this matter.

More about payment reminder

Professionals and experts suggest this letter as the first step to get your payments back because by sending the letter to your valued customer or client you can feel assured you that you have formally reminded your client or customer regarding payment of recent purchases or loan. Most of times customers forget to make payments due to a busy schedule or other works and a well written payment reminder letter can serve them as an official memento to pay your amounts in timely manner without getting penalties or extra charges.

A payment reminder letter may include information and details about payment such as the date the debt or payment, reason of payment, total value of payment, reference for payment and the threat of further action if the payment or debt is not paid till due date or deadline etc. Writing a payment reminder letter might be a hard task for you if you are going to do for first time but utilization of a letter template can save your time and efforts while doing so. You will be able to write ingenious payment reminder letters in short time via letter template shown below.

Below Are Payment Reminder Samples

Letter Of Payment Reminder

Sample Reminder Letter For Payment


Partnership Offer Letter

Partnership offer letter template is useful tool to write partnership offer letter that may be the first step to start a new partnership business or company. This letter is a written correspondence commonly used as an initial proposal written from a business entity or professional person to form a business partnership. This type if writing is not a vital part of starting a partnership business but it can help clarify the details and information of the partnership proposal so that both parties can understand the terms and conditions of partnership they are going to start.

writing guide for partnership offer letter

The letter can work well to explain possible information and criteria of the partnership to other parties or interested persons. Writing this letter is the best way to illustrate goals and benefits of the partnership. Once goals and benefits of the partnership business explained in the best way, chances of partnership acceptance letter may increase. Such letters are written to convince people for joining you in the partnership business. In order to make the letter spic and span, make sure you check the spelling and grammar properly. You should also make sure that you have presented a compelling case for joining together in a partnership and how the partnership will be beneficial for you and other partners.

Writing this letter is not an easy job to do but availability of a perfect layout or format makes the process easier for you. Internet is full with appropriate formats and samples that one can use to write error free letter to offer partnership. This page also has a free partnership offer letter template formatted by team of professionals and suitable for all types of partnerships. Try to use free partnership offer letter instead of paid in order to reduce the cost.

Below Are Partnership Offer Letter Samples

Letter To Offer Partnership

Sample Partnership Offer Letter 


Maintenance Request Form

You may need to fill a maintenance request form in order to get repairing or maintenance related work done and one can be designed conveniently via maintenance request for template. Below you can find and get our free form template to make these forms yourself. Such are generally made by people to keep products, devices, vehicles and properties in spick and span position. It is a handy document used to make a formal maintenance request that company, vendor or supplier provides. These forms are mostly provided by companies and vendors free of cost.

Purpose of maintenance request form

As a vendor or manufacturer you may receive maintenance requests from your customers and clients. You should keep proper track of customer data and maintenance requests made by them which is only possible with these forms. Ask your customers and clients to fill maintenance request forms when they want to make maintenance request and through this way you will get all required details and information easily just like name of the customer, description of maintenance required, date, unique maintenance request form number address and contact details etc. Our request form template has all necessary fields to make professional looking maintenance request forms.

Following request form template can be used by vendors, manufacturers, companies and landlords to make maintenance forms on a personal computer. Its great editing features make it easier to add own details such as title of the form, company name, logo and other info. Best thing about the template is that one can also use it for official website so customers can easily access these forms via internet. You should open the maintenance request form template in recommended computer program for editing or alteration. After making essential changes and alterations in the template you can save it in storage of computer for later use.

Here Are Samples of Maintenance Request Form


Loan Request Letter

Need some money to meet personal or professional financial goals? Simply write a loan request letter to employer or bank via loan request letter template. It could be the very first step to start lending process with employer or any other financial institute. This letter is a piece of writing that explains your needs of money and request to get loan. Such letters can be written for personal and business purposes. If you know that how to position yourself or your business as a feasible and attractive investment for bank or any other money lender, chances are you will get your request for loan approved immediately.

Basic elements of loan request letter

Basically the letter is a formal way to ask for a loan whether from a bank or employer for which you are working. Elements of loan request letter may include name of the person who need loan, reason of getting loan, amount of loan, details about repayment schedule and statement of request for loan etc. when it comes to get loan for a business establishment or company, the writer may need to express business plan along with the loan request letter. The letter should be worded with all required details and information to make it easy to understand.

The letter can also be written by an employee who wants a loan from employer against his or her salary. In this process the employer will deduct loan payments from employee’s salary. An employee must write the letter in such a way that tells his or her employer that the employee is in financial difficulty and need some money for fulfillment of financial needs. Utilization of loan request letter template is best way to eliminate errors and mistakes while writing this type of letter personally.

Below Are Loan Request Letter Samples

Request Letter For Loan

Sample Loan Request

Loan Request Letter 


Letter To Cancel Contract

Want to cut off the contract which is no more beneficial for you? If so then feel free to use the letter to cancel contract template and format the letter accordingly in professional manner. Letter to cancel contract templates are used to stay away from errors and mistakes while writing a letter to cancel a personal or business contract. Basically letter to cancel contract is a formal type of writing that shows declaration of your intent to end business relations with another party that you have previously entered into contract with in order to carry out mentioned business activity or job.

Guide to write letter to cancel contract template

Writing a letter to cancel contract is professional and recommended way to cancel a particular contract without facing legal actions. Breaking up is a hard to thing whether it is for personal or professional purpose but when it comes to break up a contract, well written letter serve as a legal and official document to inform the other party that you are going to cancel the contract. Almost all contracts are prepared with an included cancellation policy and rules that a party must follow which is going to cancel the contract and all required details and info must be provided to make the cancellation legal in order to stay away from legal actions and penalties.

As a person who is not aware about what to say and what not to say in the letter, a ready to use template could be a good starting point to complete the letter with required and essential account of details. You need to do nothing but necessary editing of the template after downloading in order to give the desired appearance to the letter you are writing.

Sample Letter To Cancel Contract

Contract Cancellation Letter

Sample Contract Termination Letter


Letter Template For Kids

Letter is one of the most effective ways of communication and here you can get free letter template for kids that help them to learn basics of letter writing. It is produced by our professionals to improve letter writing skills in young students and kids. Major purpose of the letter template for kids is to help kids and students learn to identify all the vital parts of personal and professional letter. They can easily compose letters they want to send by adding own details and information into fields and spaces available in letter templates. Though this way kids can type letter swiftly without facing troubles.

Usefulness of letter template for kids

A letter with all vital elements is considered as a best way to communicate personal or professional communication effectively. However, with the advanced improvements in technology letter writing has become a less popular way of communication but large number of businesses and companies are still using letter for internal and external communications. Basically letter template for kids is a tool to educate kids and students about how to write spotless letters and they can also learn about the important parts of a letter by reading details of each part available in the template.

It could be a great tool for kids to learn letter writing and once they have become familiar with letter formats and vital parts of letters, they will be able to write letters in friendly environment. It is sounds like a handful tool that provides them a step by step guide and instructions to add all basic details and necessary elements into the letter. You can simply get a letter template for kids below the content and we hope the template will assist you a lot to train you kids about letter writing.

Below Are Letter Template For Kids

Blank Letter Template For Kids

Lined Letter Template

Letter Template For Kids Sample