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Complaint Letter Samples

Is it time to write a complaint letter to get your issues with company, business or any other person resolved? You will definitely need a complaint letter template to compose an error free complaint letter immediately. Transactions made with customers and other individuals often don’t go as planned and one of the involved parties may face problems in this regard. For example when you buy an electronic appliance from retailer and failed to get desired results, you will go ahead to make a complaint regarding poor performance of the appliance in shape of complaint letter. A complaint letter can be known as a document that enables you to notify an individual person, company or business that you are dissatisfied with a product you purchase or a service you receive. In business field where selling and providing services plays an important role to fulfill needs of customers, there will also be scope for complaints raised by end of customers due to so many reasons. Writing a compliant letter is an effective and professional way to get your problems regarding goods, services or anything else resolved rapidly in a best and organized manner.

About Complaint Letter Samples:

Major and basic purpose of writing a complaint letter is to inform a person, company or organization that a problem exists as well as to explain the party what kind of action or actions you expect them to take in order to settle the problem or issue. Complaints arises by the customers and other entities not only because of the poor quality of goods and service but also when there is wrong placement of an order, errors in billing or payments and abnormal delay in fulfilling an order etc. Different kinds of complaint letters can be used to deal with various problems and complaints. Apart from the nature of issue or complaint you want to highlight, it is typically possible to resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial way via writing an effective complaint letter. An effective and well written complaint letter formalizes a problem situation by putting it into writing and is usually considered as a best practice to make complaint about a problematic situation.

As it is cleared that writing a complaint letter is suggested way to notify someone about a complaint but it can be tricky to write one if you are writing it for first time. Most important thing to remember when writing a complaint letter is to be direct and tasteful in tone. Describe briefly your problem and the outcome you want in return and provide enough details in this regard. Don’t forget to include key dates just like when you purchased the goods or services and when the problem occurred etc. Don’t be angry in your complaint letter and be polite. If above mentioned amount of information and instruction is insufficient to write a perfect complaint letter, then following is an elegant complaint letter template that can be used to do so. It is easily editable in Microsoft word program to adjust as per your needs and requirements.

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termination letter

Termination letter Sample

Utilization of a termination letter template is a smart choice to write a spotless termination letter for your employees. Termination letter is just like a lay-off notice issued to an employee. A termination letter officially announces that an employee is fired by the company or employer due to some reasons. You can get examples of termination letter samples here. Termination whether due to the emotions or due to the legal minefield is not easy even an employee on fault. Termination of employees should be handled carefully because it is important to protect your company from future legal actions from the end of employee. Writing a termination letter is key element of termination which states that an employee is laid off. Termination letter is a professional way to explain that why you are ending an individual’s employment and to show off other details about the termination to make it legal. An employer can terminate an employee due to variety of reasons like. For example, poor work performance of an employee can be cause of termination. Another big reason of firing employees is that when a business or company loses its status in the market or goes bankrupt due to lots of unexpected reasons.

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Termination letters are different in types and almost always used in business situations and are generally classified as significant business letters. These are generally prepared by human resources department of the company or business to notify an employee about his or her termination. Almost all employers and business owners will want to write a termination letter when they fire an employee from his job or position. Majority of companies and businesses require a termination letter for various legal purposes in order to provide a valid acknowledgment by the employer or employee. If an employee challenges a termination in court of law, it can cost the company thousands of dollars for the company so it is most important to prepare a termination letter in writing and have complete record with documents to show that all the legal issues were covered by the employer or company at the time of termination.

No doubt termination of employees is a difficult task but writing of termination letter is also a daunting job to do. Experienced person can write termination letter easily without facing confusions and troubles but it seems like challenging for unfamiliar. Luckily internet is full with handful tips and techniques that one can use when writing a termination letter. A few simple strategies and instructions can lead you towards a successful and error free termination letter. A termination letter must have sufficient amount of details and accurate information to state directly and factually the reasons for the termination of employee while conveying the purpose and strength of the employer’s decision behind the situation. Internet search will allow you to find and download a suitable termination letter template to minimize your effort when writing a termination letter. Here on this webpage you can download a free termination letter template without payment and other extra requirements like making of an account on website etc.

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Free Sample Leave Letter

Sample Leave letter

This is the place for a very special sample leave letter. Whether you need leave letter for office or leave letter for company you will like it for sure. Compose an official leave letter with following leave letter template because it is free to download and easier to edit in Microsoft word or in any other word processing program. When it comes to get time off from job or workplace, it is always best and suggested to submit your request to concerned department in writing as leave letter. Leave letter is an important type of business letters written by an employee to employer or supervisor in order to get leave. Writing a detailed leave letter is significant not only to convince your boss you need the time off but also to assist human resources department of the company to run smoothly as well as to prevent salary deductions. Leave letters can be written for variety of reasons. For example, one can write a leave letter to get sick leave, leave for urgent work, marriage leave or for any other reason. Leave letter is a letter nearly written by most of employees on daily basis to ask for leave or leaves from work or office.

About Sample Leave letter:

 Leave letter are commonly used in business organizations and academic settings to explain about a leave period or a single leave. A formal leave letter works as a record and provides written proof of your leave request and explains various key aspects of your leave just like the date you would like your leave to begin, valid reason for leave, expected duration of leave and your personal and contact details etc. you should provide adequate amount of information in your leave letter to show that why you are getting leave and how you will cover your work during absence. In cases of personal reasons to get a leave, the writer can just mention that because of some personal problems he or she wants to avails leave from workplace in order to get personal problems resolved. When it comes to write a leave letter to avail leave of absence, you should make sure that your letter is a formal leave letter with formal tone and content.

Writing a leave letter is almost general practice for everyone but if you are still unfamiliar with a leave letter and its writing then it can be a tricky job for you to compose an error free and proper leave letter. If you are looking to get help about how to start writing a leave letter, you should find and take a look at the series of leave letter templates and samples that have been written by experts and professional persons specifically to assist people like you to compose leave letter. When writing a leave letter, make sure that you mention clearly the number of days you want leave of absence and valid reason behind your decision. It is also advisable to read out your company policy and rules before writing a leave letter.  Variety of different leave letter templates is obtainable on web that you can use to do so. Following is an appropriate leave letter template which is free to download.

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Sample Sponsorship Letter

Sample Sponsorship Letter

Here you can get a free sponsorship letter template below the content to download for free of cost. It helps a user a lot to write spick and span sponsorship letters to get suitable sponsors for your events or causes. An important business letter usually written by charitable institutes and welfare organizations to introduce good causes or events seeking sponsorship can be recognized as sponsorship letter. Asking for funds or sponsorship can be frightening task but use of sponsorship letter is a best and excellent way to do so. Sponsorship letters are usually written and sent by companies, teams or event organizers to willing people or businesses usually requesting financial support in shape of sponsorship or some other goods or services in exchange for some promotional benefits. Sponsorship letter is the primary step to start a sponsorship procedure and first thing that a prospective sponsor will see in writing from you to have an idea about your event or cause to be sponsored. Major purpose of writing a sponsorship letter is to make aware the sponsor that how their financial contribution will prove beneficial, not only for requesting party but to sponsors as well.

Sponsor companies or businesses typically get promotional benefits from requesting party which may include name of the company, brand name or products being advertised at the event that they are going to sponsor. Sponsorships are hunted not only by non-profit organizations or welfare societies, but also by various business organizations or companies who are unable to bear the entire expenses needed for a particular cause or event. Sponsorship letters for particular causes or events helps to set up credibility as well as make wider the opportunities the event organizers have. From time to time, majority of people and other organizations need sponsorships to take part in an educational or sports event if there are limited financial resources. Sponsorship letter is just like something vital and very first to hunt a sponsorship and should be created carefully with all necessary details.

As an employee of the company or volunteer who is working for a nonprofit organization, you may need to write a sponsorship letter to get your event or cause sponsored by potential sponsor but writing of sponsorship letter can be little bit tricky if you are writing for first time. First of all it is important to reach out to your sponsor’s human resources department or directly to a known contact to confirm contact information of the person to whom a sponsorship letter will be addressed. Tone of a sponsorship letter should be positive and polite. It is considered as a significant letter for event organizers and overall needs to be represented in a good and proper way to influence the reader that your cause or event truly deserves his sponsorship. There is wide range of helping document and tools that you can use to write flawless sponsorship letter and one of them is sponsorship letter template. Following sponsorship letter template lets you to formulate a perfect sponsorship letter in short span of time.


Sample Authorization Letter

Authorization letter is one of the most important business letters and can easily be prepared with authorization letter template to prevent errors and mistakes. We can define an authorization letter as a legal document that gives the holder of the letter the authority to act on your behalf. It may give permission to the mentioned person to either grant permission for something or to collect something like payments from someplace. Authorization letter may be prepared especially in situations when original person may be unavailable or unable to act. As a busy businessman you may also need some assistance from other person to accomplish your various jobs to lessen the burden of work on you. Writing an authorization letter for such situation can be a best option to transfer liabilities to another person to act on your behalf. For example, in most business organizations and companies owners ask their accountants and other executive persons to collect payments as well as to deposit the money in bank and it is only possible with an authorization letter provided to the bank or other organizations to tell the mentioned person has legal authority to collect payments and to perform other relevant jobs. You will like this authorization letter sample..

An authorization letter may include name of the authorized person, his or her authority & ability to perform jobs like enter into a legally binding contract, take a specific action on behalf of original person, spend a specified sum of money on business operations or to hand over his or her duties and powers to another person. An authorization letter is generally prepared and issued when an individual person in command is not available for the necessary approvals and actions so he or she authorizes another dependable person via authorization letter in his place to carry out jobs and various transactions. Not only in business and professional fields but one can write authorization letter to shift his or her personal responsibilities and works to another person. Most important thing to remember that authorization letters are mainly used for legal reasons, so it is always advisable to consult a lawyer to write an authorization letter either for business or personal use.

Authorization letters are usually prepared for authorizing somebody to carry out someone’s legal, business, medical and many other transactions on behalf of an original person. It is a best and professional way to get legal or general assistance of someone when you are fully loaded with lots of important tasks and assignments or unable to reach at the place of transaction or deal. In majority of business organizations and companies, it is common to grant the particular authority to another person by means of an authorization letter. Authorization letters are considered vital business documents and need to be worded carefully in a professional format. If there is need to write a perfect authorization letter for business or personal use, it is smart to use an appropriate authorization letter template. Here we have a perfectly designed authorization letter template free of cost for your reference.


resignation letter

Sample Resignation letter

Simply click on below mentioned download button to have a resignation letter template designed in a classy manner. There are a lot of ways available nowadays to communicate within business organization or company but still letters are considered as most significant and effective way to convey business related information and details inside or outside the company. Resignation letter is one of the commonly used business letters, generally used by employees to inform an employer of intention to resign from your current job within the company. Writing a resignation letter is something significant, once you have decided to leave your position from the company. It does not matter why you are leaving the job, submitting a resignation letter is something professional that can help you to maintain a good business relationship with your employer. Knowing about when and how to leave is a key to success in practical life when you want to move from your current place to a better one.

As an employee who has decided to leave his position, you will need to put a glance on your company policy or your employment contract to look up that how many weeks ago you have to send a written notice in shape of resignation letter to human resources department or concerned department. Moving on from one place to another is best to avail better opportunities but it is also very important to leave a last good impression on employer and co workers as first one. A well written resignation letter allows you to state that why you are leaving your job as well as to say thank you for positive support and appreciation on current position you are leaving. Writing a resignation letter before leaving your job is an ideal way to maintain a positive relationship with employer and other staff even after you are no longer with the company. Every employee has different reasons for leaving their job, so it can be little bit tricky to write a perfect resignation letter to appropriately reflect your situation in front of your employer.

Are you ready to resign from your job? After your decision your major concern should be how to write a resignation letter in order to express reason behind leaving the job. It is not usually easy to resign and stay on good terms with the employer you are leaving, but a properly written resignation letter makes it easier than anything else. A resignation letter should be brief and concise. One should use simple but professional language and information like name of the person or department you are addressing your resignation letter to, valid explanation for your resignation, effective date of your resignation, your name and signature etc. Writing a resignation letter is not a rocket science but might be confusing task for someone who is unfamiliar with it. It is convenient to use a resignation letter template in order to compose an error free and professional resignation letter with no troubles. You can download a free resignation letter template over here without paying any single penny.

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Sample Appreciation Letter

Do you need some help and instructions to write a perfect appreciation letter? You are here at best place because we have a beautifully prepared appreciation letter template and you will find it a road map to compose spotless appreciation letter in few moments. Good manners are a code of conduct based on common sense that can make your relationship stronger and shows your positive attitude. Since we were children, we have known that some situations require an expression of appreciation just like at the time receiving of birthday gift. When someone makes time to meet you, voluntarily provides his or her services to assist you in any field of life or presents you a gift hamper, they generally deserve a sincere thank you for their valuable time, efforts or services. In all above mentioned situations, a simple thank you note can be an amazingly powerful pair of words especially if the person you are thanking really needs to hear them from your side. In simple words, a formal thank you note or appreciation letter can be an excellent way to show your gratitude for someone’s unforgettable efforts or grants.

An appreciation letter and letter of appreciation are two names of a document which is basically a formal thank you letter that is used for some formal situations. For example an appreciation can be a best and effective way to say thank you to your senior level officer for his/her help or favor for you. In business field, appreciation letters are familiar between various business settings and organizations where they thank and appreciate each other’s efforts and participations in some good causes. Majority of businesses and companies also write and send appreciation letter to their customers for sales. In the same way, most of nonprofit organizations and welfare societies also compose appreciation letters to say thank you to donors for their financial contribution and donations. Appreciation letters can be used in almost all situations to show honest thankfulness for someone’s efforts, gift or assistance.

Writing a perfect appreciation letter is a basic and most important thing to show your level of gratitude as well as care for the person to whom you are writing. Whether you are a businessman or a general person, you should have enough knowledge and information about writing of perfect appreciation letter because it will mount your good repute in eyes of others as well as will show your good manners. Apart from the nature or type of situation, a well written appreciation letter can be a best answer to someone’s great efforts or gift for you. One should use simple and easy to understand language when writing an appreciation letter and it should be clear, concise and to the point. If you are totally unaware about how to write an appreciation letter, then you should spend some time in finding and editing of appreciation letter template on web. Appreciation letter template is considered as a road map towards a successfully written appreciation letter that one can use either for business or personal use.

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