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Proof of employment Certificate Letter

Proof of employment certificate letter can come in handy for you when it comes to prove recent employment history while applying for an executive position in the same industry or business setting. You can find proof of employment certificate letter formats here at the bottom of page to write clean and tidy employment certificate letter. Letter of employment or employment of proof is an important document that shows employment relationship between employee and employer and usually issued by the company or business to employee upon resignation or termination of employment contract. Certificate of employment templates can help a user a lot to write an employment letter or to design employment certificate with no trouble.

Due to hard competition in business field, every business or company wants to hire more professional employees and workers to carry out business operations efficiently and often ask job candidates to come with employment proof letter when professional experience is required for the advertised job or position. They use employment letter or proof of employment certificate to analyze work performance and behavior at previous company or business. Most of business organizations and companies issue proof of employment certificate letter when an employee wants to leave the current position or job. An employee can also get a proof of employment or employment verification letter from the company by writing a formal request as per policies of the company.

Employment certificate can be used for several purposes. For example, a landlord may require the tenant to bring written proof of employment before entering into the rental agreement. On another hand, banks and other financial institutions also need verification of employment letter to confirm basic details about the employee such as name of the employer or company, salary and address etc in order to issue personal or housing loan etc. Certification of employment letter should reveal the employee’s definite work performance and behavior at workplace or in the company because it can help him or her to secure a favorite job or position.

As an employer you may need to write proof of employment certificate letters for your employees in order to confirm your employment relationships with them. Use of a suitable employment letter format can be handful for you to eliminate errors and mistakes when writing letter of employment on personal computer. Sample of certificate of employment can also be downloaded here to design and print professional looking certificate of employment for your current or ex employees without facing difficulty.

Examples of Proof of Employment Letters:


Warning Letter Format For Indiscipline

Here you can get a warning letter format for indiscipline as well as enough amount of guidance to format the letter appropriately.   It can be used by any type of business establishment or company to compose warning letters for indiscipline. Warning letters are written to employees in order to warn them about various situations or conditions and warning letter for indiscipline is a commonly used by employers and managers. Such letters are often written after verbal warnings regarding poor behavior t workplace. It works like a professional and final notice of warning after that company may penalize the employee or worker if employee will continuously show indiscipline.

Elements of warning letter format for indiscipline

According to the professionals, time and discipline are the two important factors which drives a company towards chosen goals and objectives but lack of any of them can cause low productivity or a bad working environment that may affect other brilliant employees. When an employee or worker of the company shows indiscipline during working hours or at workplace, it become imperative for the company to take necessary actions and writing a warning letter for indiscipline could be very first step to do so.

A business management or employer has always accepted the genuine reasons of low productivity but if there is indiscipline or reparative bad behavior, they cannot bear it at all and write warning letter for indiscipline. Majority of companies and business organizations generally use their own premade formats and layouts to draft business documents. If you are responsible for writing a warning letter for indiscipline and have no enough instructions about how to write, then feel free to utilize warning letter format for indiscipline and compose ingenious letters eliminating errors and mistakes. It is loaded with all essential parts and field, you just need to include own stuff in it to get ready warning letter.

Warning Letter Format For Indiscipline Samples

 Indiscipline Warning Letter

Warning Letter To Employee For Indiscipline

Indiscipline Warning Letter Sample


Vacation Request Letter

Are you about to go for vacation? If your answer is yes then first of all you should write a vacation request letter to employer or company to make a formal request for vacation. Writing and sending a this is professional and recommended way to ask for vacation and a vacation request letter template can be used to write immaculate letter quickly. A carefully written letter to make request for vacation in professional format not only demonstrates the employee’s professionalism but also provides basic details about vacations such as when the request was made and what dates the request will include.

Contents of vacation request letter

Almost all employers and companies grant vacations to their employees and workers but ask them to make vacation requests at the time when they want to enjoy vacations because it is necessary for record keeping as well as to manage manpower at workplace. It may include name of the employee, employee code, job responsibilities, start and end date of vacation, duration of vacation and date etc. These recently mentioned information and details are enough for the business or human resources department to grant the vacation as requested in the letter as well as to make available the replacement of employee who is going on vacation.

Many businesses and companies provide their employees and workers with vacation request forms equipped with blank fields to be filled by employee or worker to compose and error free letter in short time. In case of no vacation request form, a proper format or pattern should be followed because it eliminates the chance of mistakes and errors in the letter you are going to write. Our vacation request letter template is created by experts and loaded with all essential fields and info that must be there in this type of letters.

Samples Of Vacation Request Letter Are Here

Request Letter For Vacation

Vacation Request Letter Sample 


To Whom It May Concern Letter Format

Letter is one of the best ways of communication that lets a user to convey or communicate useful details and information in written to others either for personal or professional purposes. There are different types of letters that can be used in business field and one of them is to whom it may concern letter. Such letters are usually written to provide personal or professional references when you write to unknown recipient. It is the suggested format to write formal business letters when recipient is unknown and plays a vital role in business communication as well as in reporting procedures.

Importance of to whom it may concern letter format

To whom it may concern letter format can be used to write formal letters in different situations. Regardless of so many advanced ways of communication, such letters are still considered as a best and suggested way to communicate with people within the business organization or a particular industry. Letter writing lets a business entity or professional person to share confidential details and information related to the business in safe and secure manner. This format of letters is widely used by corporate world. Such letters are titled with the line to whom it may concern because they are planned for any concerned person for whom the letter has great importance.

Internet is the best and wide platform to get guidance and instructions about writing this type of letter. Through this way a user can simply compose a letter with professional appearance. At the bottom of this page you will see a to whom it may concern letter format which is suitable to write all types of personal and professional letters. It is suggested format to write formal letters aside from the nature of information or details included in the letter.

Below Are Samples OF To Whom It May Concern Letter Format

To Whom It May Concern Letter Example

Guide To Write To Whom It May Concern Letter


Sick Leave Letter

If you are unable to go for work due to a serious medical issue or sickness, then it is good for you to let your employer or manager know it via sick leave letter. A customizable sick leave letter template can be downloaded here to write just right sick leave letter to get the leave request approved. It is said by professionals that when need to take a sick leave of absence, your first step should be writing a formal sick leave letter to notify the employer about situation. It is not only important to tell employer or manager that you are not attending the workplace or college at mentioned date, but also vital to keep the position secure and free from penalties.

Writing tips for sick leave letter

When you feel yourself unfit or sick due to any medical issue , you cannot carry out your jobs or tasks effectively and work in this situation can cause danger or faulty. In such situation employees and workers write sick leave letter to make a formal request for leave of absence due to sickness a per policies and rules of the company. Try to add only relevant and necessary information in the sick leave letter in order to make it professional in appearance.

In case of insufficient knowledge and information about sick leave letter writing, make sure that you have a perfect pattern or format to compose the letter accordingly. Most of business organizations and companies also accept sick leave request made via phone call or verbally but it is advisable for you to write a sick leave letter because it is best for record keeping as well as to get the leave request approved immediately. Sick leave letter template can be used to write sick leave letter for all types of businesses and companies.

Samples Of Sick Leave Letter Are Here

Sick Leave Letter Sample

 Letter For Sick Leave


Sample Retirement Letter

Are you ready to start and enjoy retirement life? A written informative note to employer is important in order to notify about your retirement and writing a retirement letter is best and professional manner to do so. Sample of the letter is available here to help you while writing a letter to announce retirement. A good and well written letter of retirement plays a vital role in accomplishing job phase with best as well as to into the retirement with right foot. Such letters can be written for different reasons of retirement and the reason must be explained well in the letter that you are going to write.

Elements of sample retirement letter

Writing a retirement letter to your employer or company is the professional way to close your job carrier as well as to start successful span of retirement.  As a person retired to be, you must spend enough time needed to write a professional looking letter that sufficiently indicates your positive growth and progress in the mentioned company or business establishment. This letter must have a personal statement about your positive relationship with employer as well as to express your thankfulness to employer for such a good and progressive environment during the employment.

Main parts of the letter may include your name, employee code, designation, contact information, personal intention to retire from the mentioned position and the effective date of retirement from which you will stop working etc. Writing this type of letter could little bit difficult for you as you are going to leave the favorite workplace and supportive co-workers but you must word it accordingly in order to show your professionalism. Sample retirement letter is also known as a good and handful tool to write a retirement letter instead of writing one from scratch. It provides you enough amount of instructions and guidance to make the letter perfect.

Samples Of Retirement Letter

Retirement Letter Sample

 Retirement Letter Format


Retirement Announcement Letter

Retirement is one of the big and special moments in someone’s life and it must be announce in great way via retirement announcement letter template. Retirement is a part of life when a person stops working furthermore and rely on budgeting and saving during the working phase of life. Announcement of retirement should be special as retirement itself and anyone can make use of the retirement announcement letter template to write perfect letter effectively.

Wording for retirement announcement letter

Retirement time is the time to express personal appreciation for the great support of co-workers and care of other colleagues at a particular workplace so one should use a formal manner to announce retirement professionally. An appropriate format and selection of right wording can make the process of retirement announcement easier for you and you can get everything important in the template which is given below. This ready to use template is something excellent that you can use when planning to celebrate this great event in your life. Announcement of retirement is not an easy task because it brings mixed feeling for someone who is going to be retired.

As writer of this letter, make it clear what exactly it is that you are announcing and don’t forget to include information about the position in company or business organization from which you are retiring. Following the right tone and wording makes the letter more effective and professional looking so feel free to download and use our sample letter template to lessen your efforts and troubles while writing the letter. Having information about how and when to announce the retirement can make the process of retirement announcement less stressful so be on time and make the event extra special.

Retirement Announcement Letter Examples

Sample Retirement Announcement Letter

Retirement Announcement Letter Format


Rate Increase Letter

Anyone can simply write rate increase letter personally by means of rate increase letter template. Percent of increase in the cost of goods or services is generally known as rate increase or price increase that is usually announced by a business organization or company via such letters. Increase in rate or price is not good news to announce but selection of right words and tone could be enough to announce rate increase pleasantly. When going to announce rate increase, be ready to lose your some customers because not everyone will welcome an increase in price of goods with open arms so write rate increase this letter to let them know that you are going to increase rate of your goods or services.

Uses of rate increase letter

There can be various reasons behind rate increase such as increasing rate of raw material or labor cost etc but your customers will not accept rate increase easily and you should convince them about the reason behind rate increase. If you are not announcing rate increase properly, chances are you will lose your valuable customers to choose an appropriate format or template to write such letters accordingly.

Rate increase is often necessary for the financial growth of business or company you are running and well written letter could be a best companion to announce rate increase officially in great manner to inform customers about rate or price increase. Writing the letter for customers can be uncomfortable and it can also be difficult to find the good collection of words to give the letter a finished look. Rate increase letter template is a ready to use document that lets a user to write the letter in short amount of minutes. Through this way one can easily write such letters staying away from errors and mistakes.

See Samples OF Rate Increase Letter Here

Rate Increase Letter Sample

Rate Increase Letter Example

Format OF Rate Increase Letter


Proposal Letter To Offer Services

Your company or business may ask you to write proposal letter to offer services in order to generate more new customers or clients and a correct format must be followed to give the letter professional appearance. This type of letters is considered as a superb way to let other companies and people know that what kinds of services you offer and how those services are useful for them. Often times this letter serve as a primary step to get suitable customers to sell them services you are selling.

Wording of proposal letter to offer services

Whether you are a freelancer or working as a large company with many employees, writing the letter could be the right option for you to make your services known in the market as well as in general public. Most of companies also use such letters as a best way of marketing because proposal letter to offer services not only tells customers that what kind of services you are providing but also explains in detailed manner that how offered services can be valuable for a business or individual person. Whether you are going to kick off a new services related business or want to drum up an existing business, you have need to make sure that the letter is equipped with all essential information and details.

A proposal letter to offer services can make or break a deal so try to include all necessary and possible details in the letter to turn potential customers into real. This letter is one of the great communication methods between customers and service providing company to make their relationship stronger. Writing this letter is also best to introduce new services among new or existing customers so always make use of the proposal letter to offer services template to write ideal letter.

Proposal Letter To Offer Services Samples

Sample Proposal Letter For Services


Services Proposal Letter Format


Proposal Acceptance Template

Our ready to use proposal acceptance template will serve you as a helping hand to compose proposal acceptance letter yourself. It can be used by all business organizations and companies to write proposal mails or letters. Purpose of the letter is to officially notify the company or business organization about acceptance of proposal. The letter tells the sender of proposal that whether you have accepted the proposal or not and considered as a professional manner to respond a business proposal written and sent by another company or business to you. It can make business relationship stronger and more professional if written well.

Features of proposal acceptance template

A well written proposal acceptance letter shows a company’s or customer’s decision regarding acceptance or rejection of the proposal and it must include all relevance and necessary information. According to professional and experts, responding a business or job proposal via this letter is a great and professional idea because it provides you a way to corroborate the details of the job or business as well as to officially accept or reject a proposal. The letter also lets you to explain reason behind acceptance or rejection of the proposal in detailed manner.

Proposal acceptance letters are usually written by one party after having studied the business or job proposal sent by another. In fact a customer or second party writes letter to inform the sender good news of proposal acceptance in professional manner. There are so many useful ways available to write such letters and proposal acceptance template is one of them. It facilitates a writer with essential details and information that must be included in the letter to make it meaningful and professional in appearance. This editable template is completely free to download.

Find Proposal Acceptance Template Samples Here

Sample Letter For Proposal Acceptance

Proposal Acceptance Sample Letter