proof of employment letter

Proof of employment Certificate Letter

Proof of employment certificate letter can come in handy for you when it comes to prove recent employment history while applying for an executive position in the same industry or business setting. You can find proof of employment certificate letter formats here at the bottom of page to write clean and tidy employment certificate letter.…


Warning Letter Format For Indiscipline 2744

Warning Letter Format For Indiscipline

Here you can get a warning letter format for indiscipline as well as enough amount of guidance to format the letter appropriately.   It can be used by any type of business establishment or company to compose warning letters for indiscipline. Warning letters are written to employees in order to warn them about various situations…


vacation request letter 29874

Vacation Request Letter

Are you about to go for vacation? If your answer is yes then first of all you should write a vacation request letter to employer or company to make a formal request for vacation. Writing and sending a this is professional and recommended way to ask for vacation and a vacation request letter template can…


To Whom It May Concern Letter Format 2854

To Whom It May Concern Letter Format

Letter is one of the best ways of communication that lets a user to convey or communicate useful details and information in written to others either for personal or professional purposes. There are different types of letters that can be used in business field and one of them is to whom it may concern letter.…


Sick Leave Letter 2587

Sick Leave Letter

If you are unable to go for work due to a serious medical issue or sickness, then it is good for you to let your employer or manager know it via sick leave letter. A customizable sick leave letter template can be downloaded here to write just right sick leave letter to get the leave…


retirement letter 1254

Sample Retirement Letter

Are you ready to start and enjoy retirement life? A written informative note to employer is important in order to notify about your retirement and writing a retirement letter is best and professional manner to do so. Sample of the letter is available here to help you while writing a letter to announce retirement. A…


retirement announcement 2544

Retirement Announcement Letter

Retirement is one of the big and special moments in someone’s life and it must be announce in great way via retirement announcement letter template. Retirement is a part of life when a person stops working furthermore and rely on budgeting and saving during the working phase of life. Announcement of retirement should be special…


Rate Increase Letter 1244

Rate Increase Letter

Anyone can simply write rate increase letter personally by means of rate increase letter template. Percent of increase in the cost of goods or services is generally known as rate increase or price increase that is usually announced by a business organization or company via such letters. Increase in rate or price is not good…


Proposal Letter To Offer Services 1674

Proposal Letter To Offer Services

Your company or business may ask you to write proposal letter to offer services in order to generate more new customers or clients and a correct format must be followed to give the letter professional appearance. This type of letters is considered as a superb way to let other companies and people know that what…


Proposal Acceptance Template 241

Proposal Acceptance Template

Our ready to use proposal acceptance template will serve you as a helping hand to compose proposal acceptance letter yourself. It can be used by all business organizations and companies to write proposal mails or letters. Purpose of the letter is to officially notify the company or business organization about acceptance of proposal. The letter…